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Dennis Steele, Owner and Creator

Dennis Steele is the owner and creator of the Bit-O-Wyo Ranch. Dennis had a dream and with the help and support of his four children was able to make his dream of the Bit-O Wyo Ranch a reality. Dennis enoys sharing the ranch experience with all of our guests


Molly Myer, Bit-O- Wyo Ranch Manager, the Boss


Molly is Dennis' partner in life and the Bit-O-Wyo Ranch. While Molly still calls herself a city girl she is a ranch girl at heart.  She works in the background to make certain that everything runs smoothly. You will see her touch in almost everything we do at the Ranch. Molly is proud to be part of the Bit-O-Wyo family and enjoys getting to know all the guests we entertain every year.

Heather Steele, Director, WindRiders Adventure Camp


 Heather’s passion is when she is in service to others and her heart project is their summer kids camp- WindRiders Adventure Camp for Kids located right here at The Bit-O-Wyo-Ranch. 


Haley Wade, Head Wrangler

 Haley loves horses and sharing the horse experience with our guests.  Haley is currently in the equine program and LCCC and a member of the IHSA Equestrian Team.  Haley will make certain you have a safe fun ride at the BIt-O-Wyo.  She also runs our  equestrian camps.

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