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Integrative Holistic Coaching is a progressive and very effective method of coaching created by Heather Steele. It begins with agreements between coach and client that support the client winning their best life game regardless of where they start in the first session. The journey of coach and client is established as a relationship and partnership. It is not a patient and doctor relationship. The client learns through Steele’s coaching The 12 Realizations and Integrative exercises which trains the client through sessions and homework how to transform their “boot camp of pain” to their Life Purpose. Through a process called “Discovery and Awakening,” the client becomes clear that their greatest gifts and talents are often hidden underneath their biggest experience of failure or loss. The result of this work is that the client heals. In coaching the client is also introduced to transformational personal growth and development seminars that enhance the coaching. As the client wins in their life one goal at a time the coaching relationship grows stronger and bigger goals are reached. If “healing” is the first step that is needed the focus will be on heart work and releasing what does not serve the client until the client feels they are whole and complete within themselves and trusting themselves. Ultimately, Integrative holistic coaching reaches all clients regardless of learning styles, circumstances, and beliefs. This process has the client become willing and eager to give themselves the life they were born to live. To be a happier, healthier, clearer human serves the world.


Love your life, Live your Legacy.

Heather Steele

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